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Attendance at UALS - What are our aims?

University Academy Long Sutton is committed to providing a full and efficient education for all pupils. The Academy believes that excellent attendance is essential and important to ensure learning and achievement.

The Academy is committed to ensuring that all pupils achieve maximum possible attendance and that any problems or issues preventing this are acted upon as quickly as possible.

What do I do if I know my child is going to be absent?

Each day, if we have not heard from a parent/carer, then we have to believe that they have been sent to school. Therefore, if you know that your child is absent we ask you to contact the school before 8:40am either by phone on 01406 362120 or by emailing the Academy at enquiries@uals.org.uk 

It’s best if dental or non-urgent medical appointments are made outside of Academy hours. We understand that sometimes this is difficult but minimising time absent from lessons is crucial. Any pupil who attends an appointment during Academy hours will be expected to be brought back to the Academy to avoid missing lessons.

We then ask parents/carers to follow this up with a note, which can be done by completing the ‘Absence Note’ pages in their planner.

If contact is not made regarding an absence, an automated system called TruancyCall is used to contact parents in order to notify them that their child has not been in school and for them to advise us of the reason for their absence. Staff will continue to try and contact parents/carers until there has been a response to explain the absence.

What is an unauthorised absence?

If you don’t get permission from our Principal, the absence is classed as ‘unauthorised’ and this includes lateness. As an Academy, we must follow national legal guidelines which means that holiday requests during term-time cannot be authorised.

Because of this, absences or persistent lateness which are not agreed with by the Principal may be unauthorised. Persistent unauthorised absence may result in a penalty notice.

What should I do if I have any concerns about my child’s attendance?

If you have any concerns about your child’s attendance, or want to speak to anyone, then please contact your child’s form tutor, their Learning Coordinator, Miss Hoyles (Educational Welfare Officer), Miss Sanderson (Attendance Officer) or Mr Stewart (Senior Leader).

Please read the Attendance Policy on this website for further information regarding the Academy’s approach to attendance.

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